Need trip ideas?

These are meant to stimulate your creativity! The possibilities are endless. You have a $10,000 budget to go anywhere, engage with anyone, and teach us anything! What content have you not found about blind and low vision lifestyles and experiences? Go create it! Feel free to use these suggestions in full or in part for your trip proposal or use them to inspire you to come up with your own plans. Tell us how you would educate others through this experience!

  • Create a live in-person educational presentation and take it all over! In between presentations while traveling, engage online with our followers. Share the hard and funny moments of being blind or low vision along the way.
  • Is there something you love to do, but are struggling because of vision challenges? Find someone with a vision loss who has succeeded in the field you are passionate about and go meet them! Find out how they do it and share it with us! Be specific, tell us who you want to meet. Do you have a connection with them?
  • Are you an athlete? Learn and play sports designed for people who are blind or have low vision. Find five sports and learn how to do it as a blind or low vision person. Bring someone with you and create five episodes for YouTube teaching us about each sport and showing you playing the sport. Show your success and failure trying out the new sport. Try reaching out to paralympians and learn from them!
  • “What do you see?” is one of the most common questions people who are blind or have low vision get asked. How could you answer this question? How about going to famous landmarks and explaining what you can see. How do you see the world?
  • “Blindness is a spectrum” is a common statement. How can you add to that? How can you educate people about all of the different forms of blindness. Visit eye research doctors and learn about the different vision conditions.
  • Do you use a guide dog? Tell us about having a guide dog. Go visit guide dog organizations and share how they train dogs. What are the costs? How can low income individuals afford one?
  • What is new in blind and low vision technology? Go interview the people making future technology that will help blind and low vision individuals. What is new with autonomous vehicles? You could go and check out a new cane being developed at Stanford! Where else do you want to go. Who are some blind tech influencers you would like to meet?
  • Are you a musician? Teach us about your music and the role being blind or low vision plays in your life. Let’s get you on the road in front of audiences!
  • Do you like museums? There are museums for blind and low vision people all over the world. Go to them and share your experience with us.
  • Blind Baseball is a sport on the rise. Travel to Europe and teach us about the game and its history. Meet with the creators, coaches, and players. This could be applied to any sport. Check out highlights from the 2022 inaugural WBSC Blind Baseball International Cup here
  • Flight for Sight grant winner, Brian Fischler started our podcast. Could you keep it going? Go out and interview blind and low vision influencers. Let us know who you would like to interview. What connections do you have to land the interview?
  • Go find and visit blind and low vision animals. Teach us how they live with little to no vision.
  • How can you be the Matt Harding of blind or low vision travel? What happens if you combine travel, blindness education, and dance?

NOTE: When applying, tell us which Flight for Sight medium/s you are going to use to educate others. For example, we have 1,900+ Facebook Page followers. How could you involve them before, during, and after your travels? Do you want to make episodes for our YouTube channel? How could you fire up our Instagram page? How would you use posts, reels, and/or stories? Or would you like to start up our TikTok account? Another option is to blog and post it on our website. Or let us know what else you have in mind! Anything is on the table so long as you educate others about blindness and/or low vision. You can also educate us about the lifestyles and experiences of blind and low vision individuals.

Executive Director, Mike Walsh interviewing Sile O'Modhrain a professor from the University of Michigan discussing blind technology
Executive Director, Mike Walsh interviewing Sile O’Modhrain a professor from the University of Michigan discussing blind technology.

Board Member, John Walsh running with his guide.
Board Member, John Walsh running with assistance from his guide.