Brian and Ed at are the 2023 MLB All-Star game in Seattle. The field is in the background. They are both wearing blue hoodies with the Flight for Sight logo on the front in white. Wesley, Brian's guide dog is also in the picture.

Brian Fischler traveled to Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Denver and Cincinnati, and Boston with his guide dog Wesley. Along the way he created a blog about his experience in each city and interviewed a local who is blind or has low vision for a Flight for Sight podcast series he established. In each city, he went to a Major League Baseball game in order to provide insight on how accommodating it was to blind individuals. 

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Marybai and Eliana are in Greece. In the background is the ocean. They both wearing blue dresses.

Marybai Huking and Eliana Mason are goalball Paralympic medalists who traveled to Europe to document their sport at the elite, intermediate and grassroots levels and explore and promote the importance of team sports for improving mental well-being in the blind community. They took over the Flight for Sight Instagram account while traveling in England, Italy, and Greece, and are in the process of editing episodes about their trip for YouTube. 

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Anthony is listening to his phone. He is wearing a blue shirt.

Anthony Reyers is in the middle of creating a series of videos for YouTube about his life and experiences as an electronic music DJ who was born without vision and is now losing his hearing due to Norrie Disease. While touring Europe and Asia, he is creating resources for blind/visually impaired musicians and sighted audiences alike. 

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