The Lamarra family is posing for a photo. Everyone is wearing black.

The Lamarra Family applied for a Flight for Sight grant in 2023 and while they did not win, they were inspired to launch an Instagram account called Yes_I_Cane, which showcases visually impaired siblings Mina and Brennan sharing their lives and experiences through engaging and often humorous videos. Now, the family, which includes mom Parisa and dad Bart, will be traveling to Japan in August to learn about accessibility in Tokyo and Anjo. Anjo is the sister city of the family’s home town of Huntington Beach, CA, and they will be bringing back recommendations on accessibility for Huntington Beach’s upcoming downtown redesign. Their trip to Japan will take place in August.

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Terica, Greyson, and Kennedy pose for a photo. Terica is wearing a yellow shirt. Greyson and Kennedy are wearing shirts promoting Limitless Lemonade.

Grayson Roberts is a motivated 10-year-old who founded Limitless Lemonade to raise money to finance his own trips to experience the world. Much like Flight for Sight’s founder Mike Walsh, Grayson already recognizes how enriching travel can be and how impactful it can be to talk about his vision loss with others along the way. For his Flight for Sight trip, Grayson, his mom Terica, and cousin Kennedy will be traveling to Ghana, Africa in October to donate white canes and learn about conditions for individuals who are blind and have low vision in a developing country.  

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Carrie and Ted are sitting down on a couch. Carrie is wearing a red and pink shirt. Ted is wearing a black shirt.

Ted Tahquechi lost his vision in a car accident, which forced him to change directions in life. Continuing to use his technological savvy in new ways, he received a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation last year to develop his own methods for creating tactile photographs. Ted, along with his wife Carrie and guide dog Fauna, will travel the US to photograph famous locations to turn into tactile prints. The project will culminate in an accessible gallery show with traditional and tactile photos side-by-side, along with audio description. Ted also runs a website called where he gives accessibility information on the place he has been.

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They have completed the first leg of their trip. See an update to the blog here.

All of the winners recently got together to meet in Huntington Beach, California. You can see a video of their encounter on our YouTube channel!

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