Flight for Sight Announces 2024 Travel Grant Recipients

Contact Information:
Mike Walsh
Founder and Executive Director
(608) 609-8919

Release Date:
April 16, 2024


Flight for Sight Announces Second Round of Grant Recipients

NEW YORK, NY – Flight for Sight, a nonprofit providing travel funds to individuals who are blind or have low vision, has awarded its second round of three $10,000 grants. On Thursday April 4, the Flight for Sight board voted to name The Lamarra Family, Terica and Grayson Roberts, and Ted and Carrie Tahquechi as its second cohort of travelers. 

The Lamarra Family applied for a Flight for Sight grant in 2023 and while they did not win, they were inspired to launch an Instagram account called Yes_I_Cane, which showcases visually impaired siblings Mina and Brennan sharing their lives and experiences through engaging and often humorous videos. Now, the family, which includes mom Parisa and dad Bart, will be traveling to Japan to learn about accessibility in Tokyo and Anjo. Anjo is the sister city of the family’s home town of Huntington Beach, CA, and they will be bringing back recommendations on accessibility for Huntington Beach’s upcoming downtown redesign.

Grayson Roberts is a motivated 9-year-old who founded Limitless Lemonade to raise money to finance his own trips to experience the world. Much like Flight for Sight’s founder Mike Walsh, Grayson already recognizes how enriching travel can be and how impactful it can be to talk about his vision loss with others along the way. For his Flight for Sight trip, Grayson and his mom Terica will be traveling to Ghana, Africa, to donate white canes and learn about conditions for blind and VI individuals in a developing country. 

Ted Tahquechi lost his vision in a car accident, which forced him to change directions in life. Continuing to use his technological savvy in new ways, he received a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation last year to develop tactile photography software and printing. Ted, along with his wife Carrie and guide dog Fauna, will travel the US to photograph famous locations to turn into tactile prints. The project will culminate in an accessible gallery show with traditional and tactile photos side-by-side, along with audio description. 

“We are so excited with this group of grant winners,” said Mike Walsh, Founder and Executive Director of Flight for Sight. “We learned so much with our first round of grant recipients and are grateful for the support we have received to keep Flight for Sight going.”  

The grant recipients will travel between June and October 2024. Along the way they will create content that will educate blind, low vision, and sighted folks alike.

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About Flight for Sight:

Flight for Sight is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded by Mike Walsh in 2021, with the mission of giving individuals who are blind or have low vision the opportunity to explore the world, engage with others, and educate people about their lifestyles and experiences. Mike was diagnosed with Usher syndrome in 1997. By 2014, his vision had deteriorated to the point where he could no longer drive and used a cane to get around. He launched a social media campaign to crowdsource ideas for places he should see before his vision became any worse. During his travels, he conducted interviews with other people experiencing vision loss and created a blog. He established Flight for Sight to give other people the chance to take a meaningful trip and produce educational content to advance the understanding of blindness.