David Goldstein

Thank you David for helping to build this website. David is actively helping blind and low vision individuals gain accessibility. Check out his podcast at ICANTCU.com!

Matt Perkins

Thank you Matt Perkins for the featured photo on the Help page. Check out Matt’s photography on his website and on Instagram (@medic1480).

Molly Watt

Thank you Molly Watt for the picture. Molly has Usher Syndrome and is a strong advocate for others with the condition. You can follow Molly on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and her website!

Mara Lauren

Thank you Mara Lauren for the picture. Mara has an active following on Instagram sharing her life while living with Usher Syndrome.

Christina Daniels

Thank you to the Christina Daniels from the Lighthouse San Francisco for her guidance. They give away $25,000 prizes for blind and low vision individuals to execute a project helping others.